Surfer Dude Accounting Case Study Solution
The solution for the Surfer Dude Duds Inc. accounting (audit) case study answers the 7 questions below.  If you would like to purchase
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1.  What are Mark's options?

2.  How might a going-concern explanatory paragraph become a
"self-fulfilling prophecy" for Surfer Dude?

3.  What potential implications arise for the accounting firm if they issue
an unqualified report without the going-concern explanatory paragraph?

4.  Discuss the importance of full and accurate auditor reporting to the
public, and describe possible consequences for both parties if the
going-concern explanatory paragraph and footnote are excluded.  How
might Mark convince George that a going-concern report is in the best
interests of all parties involved?

5.  How appropriate is it for an audit partner to have a friendly personal
relationship with a client?

6.  What factors should motivate Mark to be objective in his decision,
despite his personal concern for his friend?

7.  In your opinion, what should Mark do?
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