List of Case Study Solutions
Ben & Jerry

Blue Mountain

Body Shop

Boeing 7E7

Buckingham Park

Burlington Bees

Carrefour S.A.

Cathay Pacific

Coke vs. Pepsi (2001)

Commercial Fixtures

Compass Records


Cooper Industries


Crazie Eddie

Custom Lumber

Dell's Working Capital

Deluxe Corporation

Deutsche Brauerei


Dragon Airlines

Du Pont

Enron and Arthur Andersen

Enron Weather

Euroland Foods

GM Foreign Exchange


Heather Evans

Hilton - ITT Wars

Hutchison Whampoa


Innocents Abroad


JetBlue IPO

Koffman Corporation

Kota Fibres

Krispy Kreme


Nike Cost of Capital

Piggly Wiggly Asset Valuation

Planet Copias

Polaroid Corporation, 1996

Primus Automation

Repsol YPF

RJ Reynolds

Rosario Acero SA

Southport Minerals

Star River Electronics

Surfer Dude

FedEx vs UPS, 2004 (Battle for Value)

The Pension Plan of Bethlehem
Steel, 2001

Disney Yen Financing

Threshold Sports

Tiffany & Co.


USAA: Catastrophe Risk Financing

Wm Wrigley

New Case Study Solutions
Actis, Advanced Technologies, Buckingham Park, Friendly Cards, Hansson
Private Label, Hewlett Foundation, Yale Investments, Hindustan Petroleum Corp,
Hong Kong Dragon Airlines, India on the Move, Koffman Corporation, Parenting
Magazine, Schneider SA Square D Co.,
USAA Catastrophe Risk Financing,
Village Ventures, etc.

Dividend Policy
Microsoft versus Berkshire Hathaway

Idiocracy's Theme of Large Corporations in the Future
Funny look into future of mega-corps in the year 2505

Blog: Higher Food Prices Impact Fast Food
A look into the impact on McDonalds' profits.

Blog: Analysis of the Corporate Burn Rate
The term burn rate became popular in the financial community around the year
2000.  Companies and stock analysts started tracking burn rate as a financial
measure during the dot-com era at the peak of the internet bubble because
these companies were running out of capital.  And is was a measure of how long
can they keep operating.  

Blog: The Market Impact on Sallie Mae from Siblings' Issues
Fannie and Freddie acted stupid.  Now Sallie has to pay the price, even though
she has been very diligent in her business.  Her family has cost her the
aggressive growth she has achieved for years.

Blog: Analysis of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac's Impact on
the Credit Crisis
American taxpayers will need to brace for higher taxes and budget cuts because
a bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is necessary to keep the US economy
from slipping into an even worse recession.  

Blog: Solution to the Fundamental Service Issues in the
Airline Industry
As a frequent summer traveler, I get very annoyed at how poorly run the US
airlines are.  So when I heard the latest announcement about charging for
checked bags, I immediately thought of how much more of a nightmare it was
going to be.  

Even with paying $4.50 a gallon for gas, I am willing to spend more money to
make it a road trip than to fly.  I would much rather be stuck in traffic and burning
valuable fuel than be a treated poorly at the airport.  

In my post, "
Solution to the Fundamental Service Issues in the Airline Industry", I
write about how the airlines can fix the problem.  Then I provide a report on the
financial stability of the airlines in the US.  
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