Auditing Cases - An Interactive Approach - 2nd Edition - Solutions / Answers
1.  Jacksonville Jaguars
Evaluating IT benefits and risks and identifying assurance services opportunities

Evaluating eBusiness revenue recognition, information privacy, and electronic evidence issues

3.  A Day in the Life of Brent Dorsey
Staff auditor professional pressures

4.  Nathan Johnson's Rental Car Reimbursement
Solving ethical dilemmas - should he pocket the cash?

5.  The Anonymous Caller
Recognizing it's a fraud and evaluating what to do

6.  Phar-Mor Inc.
Accounting fraud, litigation, and auditor liability

7.  Enron Corporation and Andersen, LLP
Analyzing the fall of two giants

8.  The Runners Shop
Litigation support review of audit documentation for notes payable

9.  Dell Computer Corporation
Evaluation of client business risk

10.  Ocean Manufacturing, Inc.
The new-client acceptance decision

11.  Comptronix Corporation
Identifying inherent risk and control risk factors

12.  Flash Technologies
Risk analysis and resolution of client issues

13.  Simply Steam
Evaluation of internal control environment

14.  Easy Clean, Co.
Evaluation of internal control environment

15.  Cendant Corporation
Assessing the control environment and evaluating risk of financial statement fraud

16.  Waste Management, Inc.
Manipulating accounting estimates

17.  Xerox Corporation
Evaluating risk of financial statement fraud

18.  Red Bluff Inn & Cafe
Establishing effective internal control in a small business

19.  St. James Clothiers
Evaluation of manual and IT based sales accounting system risks

20.  Collins Harp Enterprises
Recommending IT systems development controls

21.  Ann Taylor Stores Corporation
Determination of planning materiality and tolerable misstatement

22.  Northwest Bank
Developing expectations for analytical procedures

23.  Laramie Wire Manufacturing
Using analytical procedures in audit planning

24.  Burlington Bees
Using analytical procedures as substantive tests

25.  Henrico Retail, Inc.
Understanding the IT accounting systems and identifying audit evidence for retail sales

26.  Harley Davidson, Inc.
Identifying eBusiness risks and related assurance services for the eBusiness market place

27.  Southeast Shoe Distributor Inc.
Identification of tests of controls for the revenue cycle

28.  Southeast Shoe Distributor, Inc.
Identification of substantive tests for the revenue cycle

29.  Southeast Shoe Distributor, Inc.
Selection of audit tests and risk assessment for the revenue cycle

30.  Southeast Shoe Distributor, Inc.
Performance of tests of transactions for the expenditure cycle

31.  Southeast Shoe Distributor, Inc.
Performance of tests of transactions for the expenditure cycle

32.  EyeMax Corporation
Evaluation of audit differences

33.  Auto Parts, Inc.
Considering materiality when evaluating accounting policies and footnote disclosures

34.  K&K, Inc.
Leveraging audit insights to provide value-added services

35.  Surfer Dude Duds, Inc.
Considering the going-concern assumption

36.  Murchison Technologies, Inc.  
Evaluating attorney's response and identifying proper audit report