Case Study Solutions

Part 1 Cases
Case 1-1: Roadway Express, Inc.
Case 1-2: Michelin and the Global Tire Industry in 1999
Case 1-3: Apple's iTunes Changing the Face of Online Music Retailing
Case 1-4: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Case 1-5: Harlequin Enterprises: The Mira Decision

Part 2 Cases
Case 2-1: The British Motorcycle Industry at a Crossroads
Case 2-2: JetBlue Airways: Neeleman's Future Bet
Case 2-3: The Levi's Personal Pair Proposal
Case 2-4: Kodak: Betting on Digital Imaging
Case 2-5: Nike, Inc. 1998

Part 3 Cases
Case 3-1: eBay: To Drop-Off or Not?
Case 3-2: Nucleon, Inc.
Case 3-3: Saatchi & Saatchi (A): Pioneers of Globalization in Advertising
Case 3-4: Extending the "easy" Business Model: What Should easyGroup Do Next?
Case 3-5: LEGO (A)
Case 3-6: LVMH: Managing the Multi-Brand Conglomerate
Case 3-7: Swissair and the Qualiflyer Alliance
Case 3-8: Ben & Jerry's - Japan
Case 3-9: The Tale of Eloise and Aberlard or Tough Love for HP-Compaq
Case 3-10: Newell Company: The Rubbermaid Opportunity
Case 3-11: Cooper Industries' Corporate Strategy (A)
Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage
"Concepts and Cases"
Authors: Jay B. Barney, William S. Hesterly
Publisher: Pearson Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0-13-154274-5 (0131542745)