The Boeing 7E7
"Project Specific Risk - Return"
2,767 words Paper
Table of Contents
-The Boeing Company Corporate Profile        
-Timing of the Case        
-Boeing 7E7        
-Commercial Aircraft        
-Boeing’s Biggest Competitor, Airbus        
-Case Study Facts for Financial Analysis        
-Weighted Average Cost of Capital        
-Conclusion Questions        
-Would the project compensate the shareholders of Boeing for the risks and use of their capital?        
-Were there other considerations that might mitigate the economic analysis?        
-For instance, to what extent might organizational and strategic considerations influence the
-If Boeing did not undertake the 7E7, would it be conceding leadership of the commercial-aircraft
business to Airbus?        
Excel Financial Analysis Appendixes
-NPV DCF version 1
-NPV DCF version 2
-Cost of Debt
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