Buckingham Park
The financial analysis of the Buckingham Park Project by CBL
Case Study Solution (Harvard Business School Case Study)
The solution for this case study answers the following questions in a Word document, then provides a
separate Excel file with all the schedules to provide the answers to the questions.  The Excel file has all
the work shown in the formulas so you can track what the methodology was for solving the case.

1.  What is the maximum value, in dollars, CBL could afford to bid on the land? What could the impact of
this purchase on the stock price? Be prepared to explain your analysis.  [Be prepared to support your
analysis of the maximum value number before making any considerations about offers or negotiating

2.  Why is US retail real estate ownership so dominated by public REITs? What are the constraints of
being public versus private from the point of view of an operating company (as compared to being a pure
investment firm)?

3.  How much new development should CBL and REITs in general do? Are there limits to the amount of
leverage that CBL should employ?

4.  What is the right retail strategy for the property? What are your concerns?

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