Cathay Pacific case study solution
Harvard Business School
The Cathay Pacific case study solution is 2,399 words.  
The solution was based on HBS case study 9-307-009
revised June 25, 2007.  Details of how the paper is
structured can be found in the table of contents below.  
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Table of Contents
-1.        A brief description of what the key issues or
problems are in the case.
-2.        An analysis of one important issue / problem
from the above
-a. Discussion of why the issue / problem is important
-b. Identification of the key stakeholders and how the
issue / problem affects them
-c. Technical, managerial, and / or organizational
causes of the issue / problem derived from the
-d. Identification of at least three alternative solutions
that management might consider to address the
issue / problem.
-e. Choosing from among the above alternatives (with
a specification of the criteria you used), providing a
recommendation and justification for the specific
course of action comprising action steps, potential
problems, and likely outcome from following your
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