Dell case study
"Dell's Working Capital"
Case Study Solution
Introduction to the case
The “Dell’s Working Capital” case study is set in the mid 1990’s.  
During this time, the PC industry was going thru a revolution led by
Dell.  Dell introduced built-to-order manufacturing to the PC
industry.  This manufacturing process allowed for customers to
have customized PCs with the latest technology, and Dell was able
to keep its work-in-process (WIP) and finished goods inventory at
very low levels.  This business model is good for keeping costs low,
but in the mid-90’s, they were looking to grow.  Dell was in a
transition; how to grow and at what cost.....
Paper table of contents
Background Facts
Problem Statement
Evaluation Criteria
Evaluation of Alternatives
Implementation Plan
The Dell working capital solution is comprised of 2 files, a word
paper and an excel financial analysis.  The word paper is
approximately 6 pages single spaced, which is over 1,500 words.  
The financial analysis in excel contains analysis of the following;
worldwide sales growth, working capital financial ratios, profitability
analysis and working capital analysis.
Excel financial analysis spreadsheets
Worldwide sales growth
Working capital financial ratios
Profitability analysis
Working capital analysis
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