E.I Du Pont de Nemours and Company: Titanium Dioxide
The Du Pont case study solution is one of the hardest financial case studies that exist.  This case study solution was required to
graduate from my Master's in Finance program.  It had to be perfect, and score an A to pass, and graduate.  I feel sorry for anyone
who has to solve this case.  But the good news is I have the solution.  I met with the professor after I passed to discuss this case
further, and to learn more of what he was looking for.  

I have a complex set of spreadsheets that analyzes this case.  Then there are the questions below that my analysis answers.

Given the forecasts provided in the case, estimate the expected incremental free cash flows associated with Du Pont’s growth strategy
and maintain strategy for the TiO2 market.  How much risk and uncertainty surround these future cash flows?  Which strategy looks
most attractive?  

Which strategy should Du Pont pursue?  

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