Onset Ventures Case Study Solution
1.        Evaluate Onset’s actions with respect to Tally Up so far.  
How should the firm deal with the issues presented at the end
of the case?

There were five actions established by the CEO, they are:

1.  Validate, size and segment the market
Kitayama and Mann are responsible for gathering all the
necessary information for the market.  This is primarily being
accomoplished by meeting one on one with 31 potential
customers.  This can backfire, if they are unprepared with the
customers now, when the product is ready, the customers may be
hesitant to purchase from them.

2.        Bring the product to the Beta stage
This is happening before the business plan to make changes if
need be.  Since the product is in the infant stage, it is a good idea
since changes are likely to occur based on the one on one
meetings with 31 of the potential customers.

3.        Develop the business plan
This action is taking place too late.

4.        Hire a top-flight CEO
This was handled by a recruiter.  Onset contributed additional
capital once CEO Taussig was hired.
5.        Find 2-3 development partners
They wanted partners that would put money in return for access in the early stages to a sales force compensation system designed
with their requirements.  

The actions are for the beginning stage of the business.  They are still establishing numbers on the market, the future of the product,
how the product will reach the end customer, and staffing the company with the competent employees needed to run the company

There are a couple of issues presented at the end of the case that the firm has to deal with.  One of the issues is the amount of the
offering.  They expect to raise $80 million, but the closing can be held when it reaches $60 million.  However, the partners can decide
to increase the offering to $95 million.

It is in the partners best interest to raise additional capital.  They will raise more money for them, and they will have additional capital
to grow their infant company.