Threshold Sports Case Study Solution
"Capital Acquistion for the Young Firm"
Synopsis:  The Threshold Sports Case Study examines 3 different
financing options, and 3 different valuation possibilities.

The solution consists of 2 files, a paper that is over 2,600 words
and the financial analysis.  Below is the table of contents of the

Table of Contents of Paper
Timing of the Case        
Case Problem        
The Cycling Market        
Threshold Sports LLC        
SWOT Analysis        
Financial Analysis        
Threshold Sports Growth        
Financing Additional Capital        
Analysis of Financing Additional Capital        
Discounted Cash Flow        
Price / Earnings Multiple        
EBITDA Valuation        
Analysis of Valuations        

The Excel file contains the following tabs for the financial analysis
DCF Valuation scenario 1
DCF Valuation scenario 2
DCF Valuation scenario 3
Price Earnings 1
Price Earnings 2
EBITA Valuations
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