Comparative Analysis of International Accounting Laws
Introduction to the paper
This paper will compare accounting standards between countries, and will examine the latest laws and changes to the country’s
accounting.  I will analyze the accounting standards that are currently in place, and determine which systems work best and which
systems do not function well.  I will then discuss how this relates to the local stock market.  Finally, I will examine the difficulty
companies may face in transferring to GAAP to raise capital in the US stock markets, and their alternatives.  The countries that I will
focus on will be those that have a major impact on the global economy.

When I was doing the research for this paper, I focused on a continent, then examined the countries.  The flow of this paper will be
similar; it will be broken out by continent, then focus on the major countries (or the continent’s union / association).....
This paper is on the "Comparative Analysis of International Accounting Laws."  It is 5,279 words, which is approximately 13 pages
single spaced.  It is written in APA format, with 15 references, and is footnoted throughout the paper.  Below is the table of contents and
sample of the paper.  
History of the International Accounting Standards Board          
ASEAN Overview                                                          
Accounting Harmonization in Southeast Asia                          
ASEAN Federation of Accountants                                           
Analysis of Accounting Changes in Asia                                   
Other Asian Countries                                                           
North America                                                                           
The United States                                                                  
The Sarbanes – Oxley Act of  2002                                          
The Norwalk Agreement                                                  
The European Union                                                         
The United Kingdom                                                         
Analysis of Accounting Changes in Europe                         
Analysis of Accounting Changes in South Africa                       
Overall Analysis                                                                
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