History and Analysis of Accounting Laws in the United States
This paper is on the "History and Analysis of Accounting Laws in the United States."  It is 4,431 words, which is approximately 10 pages
single spaced.  It is written in APA format, with 12 references, and is footnoted throughout the paper.  Below is the table of contents of
the paper.  
Table of Contents
Rise of Corporate Charters                                                        
Analysis of the Creation of Corporate Charters
First Corporate Disaster                                  
The Security and Exchange Acts                                                
Brief History of the SEC                                                
Purpose of the Securities Act of 1933                               
Purpose of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934                
Analysis of the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities        
and Exchange Act of 1934
GAAP Timeline                                                        
Analysis of GAAP Implementation                                 
The Sarbanes – Oxley Act                                                        
Brief History of the Sarbanes – Oxley Act                        
Sarbanes – Oxley’s Six Areas of Emphasis                        
Analysis of the Sarbanes – Oxley Act                                
Introduction to the paper
In U.S. business, the culture has been to enact laws in response to
a corporate scandal.  This has been true since the inception of
corporations in the U.S.  From the historical events I have
researched, I will examine the resulting accounting laws and major
business laws that have had notable effects on corporate
accounting.  I will analyze why these laws had to be established,
how effective they have been, whether there could have been an
alternate solution, the economic impact and whether there a trend
in these laws.  

I first examine the creation of corporations in the United States and
how some of the major laws resulted in evolution within the
corporations.  I then analyze the adoption of GAAP and its impacts.  
Finally, I research the seven laws that are governed by the
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)....
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